Economic Growth

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is dedicated to promoting initiatives that grow our nation's economy. 

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Guam 2011

New business development is encouraged through Guam’s Development Fund Act. Loans, lines of credit, and loan guarantees are provided to eligible entrepreneurs, particularly in Guam’s focus sectors of agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, and tourism.

Wyoming 2011

Wyoming’s Place in the Rankings
1st Long-term Job Growth
1st Gross State Product Growth
1st Productivity Growth
1st Per Capita Income Growth
1st College Affordability
2nd STEM Job Growth
3rd State and Local Tax Burden
4th Economic Output Per Job
4th Business Tax Climate
5th Budget Gap
7th Business Birth Rate
9th Transportation Infrastructure Performance
11th Small Business Lending
19th Median Family Income
23rd Export Growth
25th Academic R&D Intensity
25th High Speed Broadband Availability

Connecticut 2011

Connecticut’s Place in the Rankings
2nd High Speed Broadband Availability
3rd Productivity Growth
5th Educational Attainment
5th Entrepreneurial Activity
10th High School Advanced Placement Intensity
12th Median Family Income
14th STEM Job Concentration
16th Export Intensity Growth
16th High-tech Share of All Businesses
17th College Affordability
17th Growth in Share of National Exports
19th Export Intensity
20th Academic R&D Intensity
21st Job Placement Efficiency
23rd Higher-ed Degree Output
24th High Speed Broadband Intensity
25th Export Growth

Hawaii 2011

Hawaii’s Place in the Rankings
3rd High Speed Broadband Availability
4th High Speed Broadband Intensity
5th STEM Job Growth
10th Long-term Job Growth
14th Small Business Lending
15th Gross State Product Growth
15th Budget Gap
16th Per Capita Income Growth
16th College Affordability
16th Educational Attainment
20th Short-term Job Growth
20th Economic Output Per Job
20th High-tech Share of All Businesses
22nd Business Tax Climate
24th Productivity Growth

Montana 2011

Montana’s Place in the Rankings
1st Budget Gap
2nd Export Intensity Growth
2nd Export Growth
2nd Entrepreneurial Activity
4th Per Capita Income Growth
4th STEM Job Growth
4th Transportation Infrastructure Performance
5th Long-term Job Growth
5th Small Business Lending
5th Higher-ed Efficiency
6th Business Birth Rate
6th Business Tax Climate
7th Academic R&D Intensity
11th Gross State Product Growth
15th Short-term Job Growth
16th State and Local Tax Burden
18th Small Business Lending
19th Productivity Growth
21st College Affordability
22nd Educational Attainment
25th Growth in Share of National Exports

New York 2011

Centers of Excellence
New York has created Centers of Excellence at its universities to support high technology ventures through a collaborative approach involving the state, academia, private venture capital companies, and other private and public sector parties.
Established to encourage rapid commercialization of scientific breakthroughs, the Centers specialize in nanoelectronics, bioinformatics, photonics, environmental systems, wireless applications, and information technology.
New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation
NYSTAR supports technology development, innovation and commercialization activities leading to economic growth in New York State.
NYSTAR established the High Performance Computation Consortium (HPC2) to enhance research efforts of universities and advanced technology centers with their industrial partners through access to high performance computers.

Georgia 2011

Georgia’s Place in the Rankings
1st Entrepreneurial Activity
5th High School Advanced Placement Intensity
6th Growth in Share of National Exports
8th High-tech Share of All Businesses
8th Business Birth Rate
9th Cost of Living
9th Higher-ed Efficiency
9th Job Placement Efficiency
12th Export Intensity Growth
14th Budget Gap
17th Export Growth
19th State and Local Tax Burden
20th Small Business Survival Index
22nd Median Family Income
23rd Export Intensity
23rd College Affordability
25th Economic Output Per Job
25th Business Tax Climate

Idaho 2011

Idaho’s Place in the Rankings
2nd Business Birth Rate
2nd Small Business Lending
7th Long-term Job Growth
9th Budget Gap
10th Gross State Product Growth
10th Entrepreneurial Activity
10th Job Placement Efficiency
11th Export Growth
11th College Affordability
12th Cost of Living
15th Productivity Growth
14th Transportation Infrastructure Performance
15th STEM Job Concentration
18th Business Tax Climate
23rd State and Local Tax Burden
24th Growth in Share of National Exports
24th Higher-ed Efficiency

New Jersey

Edison Innovation Fund
The Edison Innovation Fund seeks to create, sustain, and grow technology and life sciences businesses that will lead to well-paying job opportunities. The Fund supports technology and life science initiatives throughout all stages of discovery, development, and commercialization.
Strategies and funding priorities include:
Provide support to colleges, universities, and companies to help develop the commercial potential of research;
Accelerate the commercialization of technology;
Provide technical, financial, and facility- based support to the state’s technology businesses.

Florida 2011

Florida’s Place in the Rankings
1st High School Advanced Placement Intensity
1st Job Placement Efficiency
2nd Higher-ed Efficiency
3rd College Affordability
5th Growth in Share of National Exports
5th Business Tax Climate
6th Small Business Survival Index
7th Entrepreneurial Activity
12th High Speed Broadband Availability
13th Small Business Lending
16th Gross State Product Growth
16th High Speed Broadband Intensity
19th Higher-ed Degree Output
20th Long-term Job Growth
20th Export Intensity Growth
20th State and Local Tax Burden
21st STEM Job Growth
21st Business Birth Rate
22nd Export Growth
22nd High-tech Share of All Businesses
24th Export Intensity
25th Per Capita Income Growth
25th Cost of Living