EITC Employer Playbook


October 11, 2023


The purpose of this guide is to offer information and ideas for employers to consider in promoting employee financial well-being. Employers who are new to the topic of financial wellness may wish to review resources noted with an (*) in Appendix A.

In the present guide, we go into greater detail concerning:

  • Understanding employee financial well-being
  • Reviewing and strengthening existing benefits

Critically assessing financial wellness benefits In addition, we offer information about:

  • Public benefits and community resources to support financial well-being
  • Public-private innovations to promote employee financial well-being

Employers are in a unique position to help improve employees’ financial well-being by helping them access and use both employer benefits and public benefits and community resources. With the emergence of employee financial wellness benefits, the workplace represents an opportunity to help employees gain access to important financial products and services, such as savings programs and short-term loans. To support employers in promoting worker financial wellness, the U.S. Chamber Foundation has assembled a playbook that navigates the range of opportunities, including practical next steps.