JE Dx Report June2021


June 04, 2021


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Chamber Foundation) and the T3 Innovation Network (T3 Network) are launching the Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx) initiative to develop a public-private approach for collecting and using standards-based jobs and employment data. JEDx builds on the Chamber Foundation’s Job Data Exchange (JDX) initiative, to promote public-private standards for job descriptions and postings, and the T3 Network’s Employment and Earnings Records Standards Project,2 to develop and use public-private standards for comprehensive employment and earnings records.

This public-private approach has the potential to substantially reduce the reporting costs for employers and government while improving data quality and timeliness and protecting privacy. This approach also could provide more comprehensive data for public and private workforce analytics—including better labor market information and improved employment and earnings outcome data for evidence-based policy and program management.

This report summarizes the results from this planning process. It first presents the need for a new public-private approach. It then describes the JEDx mission, a vision of how this public-private mission will be realized, and a set of principles that will guide the effort. Next, the report details an initial focus on three major stakeholder use cases. The report then presents a roadmap for moving from the current planning phase to a design and test phase. This design and test phase starts with four proposed demonstration projects, which address one or more stakeholder use cases and test facets of a public-private data trust. The report concludes with a discussion of next steps in launching the JEDx initiative.