November 16, 2021


Talent Finance Design Workshop

The Talent Finance Design Workshop is intended for public and private organizations and professionals that want to:

  • Learn more about finance instruments and innovations that can be used in talent development and management.
  • Network with peers and finance experts.
  • Design a new or improve an existing project(s) for implementation.

Eligible applicants and teams can include, but are not limited to, chambers of commerce, employers, workforce investment boards, student aid agencies, CDFIs, education and training providers, economic development organizations, and other organizations that stand to benefit from designing new talent finance products, services, and partnerships.

The Design Workshop will consist of three virtual sessions held over a period of approximately four weeks. The first meeting will be an orientation and will focus on networking with experts and peers to learn, ask questions, and brainstorm. The second session will focus on project ideation and planning. The third and final session is about presenting your project idea(s) and preparing for implementation. In between each of the meetings teams will have the ability to request technical assistance from one of the Design Workshop facilitators.

The Design Workshop is also an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that will make you eligible to apply to the Talent Finance Innovation Network (TFIN). The TFIN will be a facilitated network of peers and projects who will receive ongoing support, technical assistance and resources with shared learning and partnership opportunities.

Solution Providers:

  • Achieve Partners
  • Better Future Forward
  • Ion
  • Maycomb Capital
  • Meritize
  • Social Finance
  • Stride Funding
  • VEMO Education

Participating Organizations:

  • Buffalo Niagara Partnership
  • DTE Energy
  • EmployIndy
  • Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • Henderson (KY) Community College
  • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Kinetic Potential
  • Lenawee Intermediate School District
  • Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
  • New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESSA)
  • Northeast North Carolina (NENC) Career Pathways
  • Nueces County Development Commission
  • RealTime Talent
  • Rio South Texas Education & Community Development Foundation
  • South Carolina Student Loan Corporation
  • Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority
  • Vermont Business Roundtable
  • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
  • Western Governors University
  • Western Illinois Works, Inc.
  • Iowa Student Loan