Health and Wellness

Denver Better Health Through Economic Opportunity Forum

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are hosting ten forums around the country as part of a Better Health Through Economic Opportunity campaign.  The forums will leverage the influence of local and regional businesses to empower healthier individuals and communities through the areas of education, employment, and income.  Join prominent business leaders for a forum about leveraging the power of business to create a healthier Denver.  The forum will feature:

Webinar: Best Practices in Obesity Prevention

Join Corporate Citizenship Center for a webinar to discuss its most recent research, Aligning Communities: How Four Cities Are Preventing Obesity. The report examines community-based obesity prevention programs in four specific communities: Camden, New Jersey; Denver, Colorado; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The webinar will explore how those programs work, and what companies have, and can, do to take an active role in those programs.

February 11, 2015

Building on a $500 million commitment made in 2007, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has recently announced a renewed pledge, bringing the total to $1 billion. The impressive sum will be aimed at reversing the childhood obesity epidemic.