2006 Citizens Awards

Best Partnership Award

The "Best Partnership" category is dedicated to raising awareness about excellent models of businesses and nonprofit organizations partnering together effectively. A people’s choice award, the publiv voting process determines the winning partnership.

The Boeing Company and New Leaders for New Schools

The Boeing Company and New Leaders for New Schools are being honored for transforming urban public education by investing in highly qualified and well-trained leaders at the school level.  Boeing has invested $1.5 million over the past four years in this national New Leaders for New Schools model. Top Boeing executives mentor Chicago New Leaders principals, and Boeing provides skill-building sessions to Washington, D.C. and Chicago New Leaders in public speaking, interview preparation, and other areas important to school leadership development.

Capital One and Junior Achievement Worldwide

Capital One and Junior Achievement Worldwide are being honored for developing financial literacy and money management skills training for students.  Capital One and Junior Achievement are working to provide innovative ways to reach and teach the basics of money management to school-aged youth from low to moderate income families — providing tools to help them make smart financial decisions as adults.

The Coca-Cola Company and the United Nations Foundation

The Coca-Cola Company and the United Nations Foundation are being honored for a $2.2 million partnership with the United Nations Development Program to support community-based water and sanitation reconstruction efforts in the tsunami-affected areas of Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The partnership activities build upon ongoing UN recovery efforts and are being implemented in collaboration with local authorities and community leaders to ensure local relevance and ownership. This partnership is supporting the approach of “building back better.”

The Home Depot and KaBOOM!

The Home Depot and KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit organization that envisions a nearby great place to play for every child in America, are being honored for building 10 new KaBOOM! playgrounds in 2006. These one-day playground builds provide positive play and learning environments at community organizations where children need safe and friendly play areas the most.

Weyerhaeuser Company and CARE

Weyerhaeuser Company and CARE are being honored for combining their expertise and experience to combat poverty and to prevent soil erosion and deprivation in Nepal, focusing on teaching literacy and forest stewardship to Nepalese women.  The partnership includes an 18-month pilot project through which women are taught how to manage specialty forest products with high-market values, including long pepper, asparagus, and cane, in a way that is environmentally sustainable and that generates income for families. The women have learned how to sell non-timber products to local markets and cooperatives, and have reinvested the profits into the local community.

International Community Service Award

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, trade associations, or American Chambers of Commerce with exemplary models of social and civic leadership in developing nations around the world.

American International Group, Inc.

AIG is being honored for its work in Indonesia through the AIG Disaster Relief Fund. AIG collaborated with several on-the-ground organizations following both the December 2004 tsunami and the May 2006 earthquake in Central Java. In Banda Aceh, the area most affected by the 2004 end-of-year disaster, AIG is funding the reconstruction of local infrastructure and 150 homes, as well as the rebuilding of the Penayung retail fish market, which will directly benefit 1,400 workers in the region. In Central Java, AIG is in consultation with the local government, USAID, and local and international NGOs to channel $1 million into earthquake relief.


GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company with employees in 116 countries, is being honored for its Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education, or PHASE, program, a public health and education initiative dedicated to fighting infectious diseases through good hygiene and sanitation. Nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to appropriate sanitation, and in many communities, school children are forced to miss school due to easily preventable sanitation-related sickness and intestinal worms. Through PHASE, local teachers and community leaders are trained to deliver program information and materials to children aged 6 to 13 years. PHASE has been implemented in Kenya, Zambia, Nicaragua, Peru, Bangladesh, and Tajikistan. 

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a global leader in enhancing health, hygiene, and well-being, is being honored for its support in protecting and caring for children orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS.  Kimberly-Clark works with UNICEF in 24 countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and in the past year has enabled 335,000 children to receive life-saving supplies, healthcare, nutrition, education, and income-generation skills that give children and families a chance for a good future.

Marathon Oil Corporation

Marathon Oil, a leading energy industry player, is being honored for its Bioko Island Malaria Control Project in Equatorial Guinea.  Marathon formed a public-private partnership involving companies, leading health specialists, and the government of Equatorial Guinea, with the goal of eliminating malaria as a means to reduce child mortality by 50% within 5 years.  Program activities include providing free medication to children and pregnant women, eliminating malaria-carrying mosquitoes, and building the capacity of the local community to fight this disease. This $12 million project is now only 2 years old, and is ahead of schedule to meet its goal.  

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions, is being honored for its Unlimited Potential initiative in Guatemala.  In partnership with the Cooperative for Education, Microsoft has developed school-based Technology and Learning Centers in Guatemala’s western highlands. Microsoft and CoEd are working to break the cycle of poverty by teaching students how to use standard software applications and to access the world of information that is housed on the Internet and in electronic encyclopedias.  Through the Unlimited Potential program, Microsoft and CoEd have established Learning Centers in 16 impoverished secondary schools in Guatemala, serving nearly 9,000 students. By bridging the “digital divide,” Guatemalan communities could benefit from this program for generations to come.  

The Western Union Company

Western Union, the money-transfer services company, is being honored for its Four by One matching-funds program, a pioneering program that matches the funds that Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. send back to their home communities. Through the program, a peso allocated by someone in the U.S. is matched four times — by Western Union, and by the local, state, and federal governments in Mexico. Western Union is the first and only private-sector company to participate in Four by One. The program’s goal is to stimulate economic development and job opportunities in Mexican communities that typically have emigration rates at or above 50%.

U.S. Community Service Award

“The Citizen” award for this category goes to companies, accredited local or state chambers, or trade associations with U.S.-focused community service projects. Finalists exemplify the ability of the business sector to demonstrate social or civic leadership through a single strategic initiative.

ArvinMeritor, Inc.

ArvinMeritor, a global supplier to the motor vehicle industry, is being honored for its work with inner city youth in Southwestern Detroit. In collaboration with school officials, ArvinMeritor has established a mentoring program and scholarship fund for the pursuit of careers in technology, science, and engineering. In addition, the company has supported the creation of a new performing arts center, football field, and track, softball fields and tennis courts. ArvinMeritor has helped revitalize the Detroit community through job creation and by providing key educational resources for young adults.

Independence Chamber of Commerce

Independence Chamber of Commerce, a community-based organization dedicated to promoting the economic growth of Independence, Missouri, is being honored for its work with CHOICES, a program that aims to keep kids in school and promote the importance of education as a lifelong learning experience. Volunteers from the Independence Chamber have presented the CHOICES seminar to more than 360 classes, involving over 10,000 students in three school districts. Since implementing the program five years ago with ninth-grade students, dropout rates in the Independence School District have been reduced by 26%.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

The McGraw-Hill Companies, a leading global information services provider, is being honored for its Writers to the Rescue program, which provides nonprofit organizations with expert employee volunteers who provide professional services as writers, editors, and communications and public relations specialists. The program is helping to meet the needs of McGraw-Hill’s nonprofit partners, which in turn helps these organizations better serve their communities. The Writers to the Rescue program is in direct alignment with McGraw Hill’s philanthropic vision to “help people around the world learn, grow, acquire new skills, better their lives, and better their communities.” 

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s largest financial services firms, is being honored for providing expertise, manpower, and financial resources to strengthen New York Presbyterian Hospital.  In 1999, Morgan Stanley committed $60 million toward a $120 million fundraising goal for a state-of-the-art children’s hospital.  The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York – Presbyterian opened its doors in November 2003. In 2005-2006, the firm launched a comprehensive service initiative to further strengthen its relationship with the hospital. The firm has leveraged employees’ skills, including a loaned executive program and a year-round employee volunteer initiative, to help deliver high-quality healthcare services to children, particularly the underserved.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific, one of America’s leading transportation companies, is being honored for its Principals’ Partnership program, which supports a network of 1,000 public high school principals in 21 states.  The Principals’ Partnership program provides an ongoing forum for principals to communicate with and learn from each other. A team of nationally recognized educators facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and resources across the network.  A summer leadership conference and other professional development opportunities are offered. Union Pacific, through participating principals, will reach approximately 71,000 teachers and 1 million students this year.

Corporate Stewardship Award for Small/Midsize Business

A corporate steward is a company that understands the linkages between its operations and society, and conducts its business in a way that creates “shared value:” both financially and responsibly over the long term. A corporate steward follows the letter and spirit of the law, but goes well beyond this to contribute actively to enhancing the communities in which it operates to support the long-term productivity of business.

Alpine Banks of Colorado

Alpine Banks of Colorado, a locally owned bank with 25 locations on the western slope of Colorado, is a steward of its local environment and a philanthropist in the communities it serves and the communities devastated by recent events. Alpine Bank also focuses its attention on providing great employee benefits and opportunities, especially to working mothers, and on meeting the unique needs of the ever-growing local Latino population. The company’s assets have nearly doubled over the last five years, now exceeding $1.6 billion.    

Fairmount Minerals and Subsidiaries

Fairmount Minerals and Subsidiaries,headquartered in Chardon, Ohio, has woven corporate social responsibility into every aspect of its operations. The company refers to its way of business as the “Fairmount Minerals Sustainable Development Business Model.” Fairmount takes its commitment to responsible action seriously by striving to exceed standard practices and expectations and by engaging internal and external stakeholders in operational decision making through its community action teams. In the last five years, Fairmount has increased revenues from $200 million to over $300 million. 

Miller & Long Concrete Construction, Inc.

Miller & Long Concrete Construction, Inc., located in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, is leading by example in commitment and execution by setting new benchmarks for effective corporate citizenship and community involvement. Miller & Long, under the leadership of its current chief executive, is a driving force behind the JOBS Coalition, a 501(c)(3) organization addressing the job training needs of unemployed and hard-to-employ populations in the District of Columbia. The company also orchestrated the development of the Academy of Construction and Design, a vocational program in DC’s Cardozo High School. In its 59 years of business, Miller & Long has constructed $5 billion worth of commercial and residential structures in the area.

PAETEC Communications, Inc.

Headquartered in Fairport, New York, PAETEC Communications’ mission is to be the most employee- and customer-oriented communications provider in every market it serves. A large part of fulfilling that mission is a commitment to its communities, through both corporate philanthropy and supporting employee activism. PAETEC is committed to the goal of enhancing economic opportunities for women-owned, minority-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises. PAETEC has offices in nearly 30 cities in the United States, and in 2005 alone, grew its revenue from $360 million to $509 million. PAETEC is a returning honoree in BCLC’s Corporate Citizenship Awards program, and is also the recipient of the American Business Ethics Award from the Society of Financial Services Professionals.

Corporate Stewardship Award for Large Business

Intel Corporation

Since its founding in 1968, Intel has revolutionized the way the world operates. Intel is not just a leader in the high-tech industry, but also is a leader of the global business landscape. Intel understands that acting as a responsible corporate citizen is strategic and important to the company. Intel has employed systems, processes, and people to manage its social and environmental priorities while growing its revenue by more than $5 billion in the first 5 years of the 21st century.


Nike was founded on a handshake between two men, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Implicit in that act was the determination that they would build their business based on trust, teamwork, honesty, and mutual respect. Today, the core of Nike’s corporate citizenship activities is around sport for social change. Nike’s commitment to addressing and managing corporate responsibility has become well known, and it has seen an annual revenue increase of more than 50% in the last five years.

PNC Financial Services Group

While earning steady growth in the financial services industry, PNC Financial Services Group aligns social and business objectives. PNC and the PNC Foundation have a legacy of strengthening and enriching the communities in which the company operates. The most visible of these programs is PNC Grow Up Great — an unprecedented $100 million investment in preparing young children for school. 

Safeway Inc.

Safeway’s success is directly tied to the success of the communities in which it does business. Safeway strives not only to serve its communities, but also to become an active part of those communities by providing its customers and neighbors with the “ingredients for life.” The company focuses its giving on four key areas: hunger relief, health and human services, education, and people with disabilities.

Verizon Communications

With more than 100 million people connecting via a Verizon network every day, Verizon’s focus is on its customers and the communities it serves. And, its customers have noticed  the company’s 2005 revenues were up 5.4%.  With more than 250,000 employees, a nationwide presence, and significant global reach, Verizon has the resources and the scope to make a positive impact on the thousands of communities where its customers and employees live and — work.  Verizon directs its philanthropic resources toward initiatives that demonstrate how technology touches life, especially in the areas of literacy and preventing domestic violence.