2 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

It's Wednesday! Here's what's happening in the news this week:

  • Venture Capital Post reports on this years top 10 wealthiest female US CEOs.  You may have guessed that Oprah is at the top of the list, but click here to find out with whom she is tied.
  • The advocacy group 2020 Women on Boards was founded by Malli Gero and Stephanie Sonnabend because they felt not enough was being done to increase the number of women on boards.  Learn more about the organization and their rating system of corporate boards.  
  • Forbes has a Q-and-A with Angie Ruan, PayPal Retail Engineering Head. Ruan says mentors, coaches and women-helping-women channels helped her to get to where she is today.
  • ‘The ability to think big and be bold.’ are two traits successful entrepreneurs.  Kelsey Ramsden, founder and owner of four companies, set to bring in revenues of $50 million this year, offers 3 tips on executing these traits.