8 Pieces of Advice for Women at Work from KPMG's Lynne Doughtie


Lynne Doughtie
Lynne Doughtie, chairman and CEO of KPMG. (Photo credit: Business Insider)


Check out the top headlines for the week about women who work.

Here's what is making headlines this week:

  • Lynne Doughtie, chairman and CEO of KPMG, outlines how she plans to advance more women into senior positions at her company, as well as globally. Find out more here
  • A panel discussion at Harvard Business School held last week covered navigating the challenges that women face in starting and growing large-scale businesses. “There is constant fear. But it’s so much fun, the fear kind of motivates you,” said Susan Hunt Stevens, co-founder and CEO of WeSpire. Learn more here
  • Sharon Hadary, founding and former executive director of the Center for Women’s Business Research, gives five reasons why entrepreneurs shouldn’t stay after selling their firms. Learn why here
  • Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica and FITE, shares her Forbes’ Mentoring Moment. Read here