BCLC Summer Weight Loss Challenge – The Count Down Begins

We are one week away from the final weigh-in (September 14). It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post so I thought I would send one last update before the results next week.

The team is doing well, a good number of individuals have lost between 2-6% of their body weight (the goal is to lose 5% by next week). So who is at 6% you ask?...Yours truly :)Thanks to my change in eating habits, personal trainer, and getting sick on my vacation I have  managed to lose a little over 6% of my body weight since the start of the challenge (Cross my fingers that I can keep it off for another 7 days).

Losing the weight started off as a challenge by changing my eating habits and increasing the intensity of my workout, some days I just wanted to stay in bed and eat a stack of pancakes as opposed to going to an early morning workout routine followed by egg whites from breakfast! But as I began to see results on the scale and my level of fitness I was more enticed to keep doing what I was doing. I adapted to eating minimum levels of carbs and lean meats, in fact I now enjoy cooking healthy meals.  I was adapting a healthy lifestyle change which I hope I can continue.

“Healthy lifestyle” is a key phrase and one that many groups (the public sector, private companies, local governments) are trying to push out to the community, children, educators, and employees. It’s about providing access to healthy food choices, incentives for medical check-ups and healthy weight loss, and being able to teach our kids the importance of eating right. Here at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce we are provided with access to a fitness consultant, have a mini gym in the building, and have healthy snacks options in the vending machines. These are just a few examples that the Chamber is doing to help the employees achieve a healthy lifestyle at the workplace.

So as the clock ticks down to our final weigh-in my internal healthy lifestyle clock just started ticking…with no countdown :)