BCLC Summer Weight Loss Challenge: Keeping it in Balance

July 25, 2012

At lunch one day last week, we were talking about which country is ranked highest in the happiness index. When I returned back to the office I did a quick search to discover the Happy Planet Index (HPI) introduced by the New Economics Foundation(NEF) in July 2006. According to 2012 data, Costa Rica is the happiest country (two years in a row). The United States ranks at 105 out of 178 countries surveyed.

So this got me thinking about our weight loss challenge. Losing weight and being healthy is not just about the food that we eat or how many days we go to the gym. It’s a holistic approach to wellbeing. Gallup defines the five elements of wellbeing as: career, social, financial, physical, and community. If one of those elements is out of whack, so to speak, then your overall wellbeing index declines.

The key is to maintain a balance, which is a challenge. It’s no secret that Americans tend to work longer hours than other countries, striving to provide for their family and achieving the American Dream. For some, spending an hour at the gym or seeking out a healthy meal for lunch might not be feasible. My last blog was about how social activities can disrupt your healthy lifestyle. Finance is a whole other factor in the equation – when a family is struggling to make ends meet, joining a gym is not a priority.

Living a healthy lifestyle requires attention and it requires each individual to assess his or hers personal balance of wellbeing. If your sense of community is high on your wellbeing index then it is important for you to make that a priority, but still keep the other factors in balance. Same goes for the other wellbeing characteristics.

Even though we have a certain percent of body fat to lose to win the BCLC weight loss challenge (and there is a monetary prize), the real challenge is being able to keep our lives in balance. Obviously this cannot be done by September 14 but I really hope that I, and my colleagues, are able to establish a balance that works for each of us. At least we’ll have the physical element checked :)

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