The Business Case for Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards

September 27, 2012

Last week, CWB founder and president, David Chavern, participated on a panel at the Third Annual SAIS Global Conference on Women in the Boardroom. The panel discussed the business case for appointing more women to corporate boards and ultimately decided on these three reasons:

We’re insiders. Corporate boards should reflect the markets that they target. For instance, it should come as little shock that the typical Wal-Mart shopper is a mother. Wal-Mart understands this and has not only added four women to their board, but also taken great strides to advance the careers of women both inside and outside of the organization.

We’re valued. As the world becomes more global and connected, shareholders are becoming more aware of how their choices are affecting society at large. Calvert Investments, a leader in sustainable and responsible investing, evaluates board diversity as a sustainability factor when researching new investment opportunities.

We’re needed. Due to new regulations in the EU, more European companies are looking to appoint women to their corporate boards. As a result, more and more business women in the United States are being offered these positions. This, coupled with the fact that companies with women on their boards perform better, should convince more American companies that women board members are necessary for long-term financial success.

Thank you to SAIS for hosting such a great discussion. Check out CWB’s upcoming events on women in leadership on our events page.