Data-Driven Innovation and the American Workforce

The use of Big Data to solve problems and generate innovation is having an enormous impact on our workforce. As the demand for data grows, so does the need for people with skills to collect and analyze this data. This means there is an increasing demand for people with high-level technical skills. 

In this video, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation asks several data experts to give their thoughts on how data is impacting our workforce. All of the respondents were interviewed during the Foundation's summit on the Future of Data-Driven Innovation in October. 

Respondents include:

  • Robert Sutor, Vice President, IBM Research
  • Joe Kennedy, President, Kennedy Research
  • Marc Berger, Vice President, Real World Data and Analytics, Pfizer
  • Qing Wu, Chief Economist, Google


For more videos about data-driven innovation, check out the Foundation's YouTube channel.