Do Your Part To Fight COVID-19: Get a Flu Shot and Wear a Mask

Millions of people are doing their part to fight coronavirus. They’re wearing masks and getting flu shots before it’s too late to prevent the twin threats these infectious diseases pose to our country. 

Getting vaccinated against seasonal flu is one of the best ways to protect yourself and those you love. 

It’s hard to distinguish influenza symptoms from COVID-19 symptoms, so getting the flu shot can also help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and businesses from having to shut down. 

Throughout the week, the U.S. Chamber Foundation will be sharing information about the importance of flu shots to the fight against the pandemic and recession. 

We’ll also be sharing some of the learnings from our Path Forward programs that touched on the importance of face coverings to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  

A new survey suggests more than nine in 10 adults are wearing masks. That’s great news given the relationship between COVID cases and mask usage, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Do your part before it’s too late: Click here to find a vaccination site near you.