Entergy, UPS, and Others Included in 2016 Civic 50 List

August 11, 2016


50 companies were recently recognized for their community efforts.

The annual Civic 50 initiative, part of the organization Points of Light, honors the top companies that have engaged most effectively in their communities across various dimensions. The 2016 Civic 50 includes a variety of sectors and corporate projects, and we’ve highlighted some of them here.

Entergy was recognized for its new mission statement that focuses on community engagement, and it seems that the company has taken this change to heart. Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, Entergy donated over $4 million to help those impacted by the disaster, but the goodwill didn’t stop there. In the 10 years since Katrina, Entergy has invested over $37 million into rebuilding and redeveloping New Orleans. Additionally, the company has awarded more than $15 million to local nonprofits, particularly those that focus on sustainability and education, and employees participated in over 100,000 service hours in 2015. Entergy was also awarded the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s 2014 Best Economic Empowerment Program for its tax refund education initiative.

Another notable company on the list is PwC, whose Earn Your Future program has been helping young people develop financial skills since 2013. The initiative has reached over 3.5 million students and educators, and over $80 million and 800,000 service hours have been contributed to the cause. An integral part of the program is the interactive EYF Digital Lab, which helps educate young people on important economic and financial topics with a fun approach. PwC has further demonstrated its dedication to youth empowerment by cohosting the a series of roundtables with the U.S. Chamber Foundation, focused on how the private sector can strengthen communities by addressing wealth inequality.

UPS has also worked extensively to provide relief in the wake of disaster, including recent flooding in the U.S. and the earthquake in Japan. In particular, UPS “leverages its transportation assets, logistics expertise and philanthropic dollars to help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from humanitarian crises.” By the end of 2016, the company plans to finalize a plan that will allow it to deliver medical supplies like blood and vaccines to remote clinics in Rwanda via drones, with the support of partners Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Zipline. UPS was also a Best Environmental Stewardship finalist for the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s 2014 Corporate Citizenship Awards, and was nominated again in 2015 under the Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program category.     

Other Civic 50 awardees include AbbVie, Alcoa, Apollo Education Group, Baxter International, Capital One, Citi, Deloitte, FedEx,  General Mills, Health Care Service Corporation, Intel, MGM Resorts International, Motorola, and PIMCO. The full list of winners can be found here. Congratulations to all the companies recognized, and thank you for your valuable contributions within your communities and around the world.