Findings Show Companies with More Female Leaders Are More Profitable

February 10, 2016


(Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal)
(Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal)


The top stories in this week's headlines regarding female leaders and success.

Here's what is making headlines this week:

  • Researchers at the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that having more women in executive positions was tied to higher profits for a company. Learn more here
  • Although significant advances have been made by women in STEM and the startup world, gender parity has yet to be achieved. While Silicon Valley is the center of the tech industry, Chicago and Boston can claim the highest number of women-founded startups. See a new infographic with more facts about women in tech here
  • Female entrepreneurs offer advice to other women with startups for how to raise money in the male-dominated world of venture capitalism. “You have to knock on more doors,” says Swati Chaturvedi, co-founder and chief executive of Propel(x). Read more here
  • Female entrepreneurs continue  facing unique  challenges but it’s more important now than ever to  pushing for more female entrepreneurs. Find out why here
  • As part of Forbes’ “Mentoring Moment” series, Global Citizen Year’s founder and CEO Abby Falik talks about how she reacted when someone told her to “think smaller.” Read more here