Happy Anniversary on Purpose!

May 25, 2016


Happy anniversary to Kate Spade and Company's on purpose program!

Congratulations to Kate Spade and Company! This month the company is celebrating the two year anniversary of their on purpose program. Through the on purpose label, Kate Spade has contributed to the transformation of an entire community by investing in women.

In 2014, Kate Spade & Company helped establish a new independent social enterprise in Masoro, Rwanda. However, this wasn’t charity. The enterprise, named ADC, was Kate Spade’s supplier. The company fully integrated ADC into its supply chain, and in doing so has created a profitable and long-term industry for the Masoro community.

Now, in 2016, ADC provides full time employment for more than 150 people in the Masoro community, 99% of which are women. ADC, which is employee-owned, not only provides meaningful employment, but it creates a ripple effect of opportunity throughout the entire community.

In 2015, the U.S. Chamber Foundation was honored to award Kate Spade and the on purpose program the 2015 Citizens Award Best Economic Empowerment Program. Learn more and apply for the 2016 Citizens Awards here.