UPS has more than 444,000 employees worldwide, and the company works with each employee to ensure the company’s philanthropic culture is realized.

As a result, UPSers around the world are a powerful force for good. Since 2011, UPSers have volunteered more than 10 million hours — with a goal of 20 million hours by 2020. In every corner of the globe, they volunteer in local communities and contribute to help make the world a better place.

UPS’s culture is driven by a commitment to service – and that’s why a team of UPS employees are joining together to support one of their own.

In 2014, UPS pilot Jared Hill and his family left their home in Indiana and moved to Uganda for 7 months as volunteers at one of the country’s many orphanages. There are over 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, and they wanted to help. That is where he met Gloria.

Alone since the age of 7, she had been living in the orphanage for half her life. 

Jared and his family were immediately struck by her passion for education, and her deep desire to become a midwife and to help other young women in her home country. But as a young orphan girl in Uganda, her options for schooling were scarce and her chance to see that future was uncertain. Jared and his family felt compelled to do what they could to help Gloria get the education to achieve her dreams.

But that process has not been easy. With visa issues in both countries, helping Gloria get to the United States has been met with a number of roadblocks.

“This young woman who wants so desperately to learn and use her education to make her country a better place is the best example of what humanity should strive for,” Hill recently wrote. “She should not be denied her future simply because she is an orphan.”

Even in the face of obstacles, Jared, his family, and Gloria remain resilient. Dedicated UPSers are leveraging their reach and resources to help ensure Gloria can receive her education.

“Gloria has this tremendous opportunity to rise above her circumstances and get a good education,” UPS President of Global Public Affairs Laura Lane said. “Denying her that chance, because she’s an orphan, is not what we as Americans believe – we believe everyone deserves an education and we all should do what we can to help her. ”

UPS has long promoted the power of education to transform individuals and communities. With a longstanding commitment to programs such as Metropolitan College and tuition reimbursement for part-time employees, UPS’s own experience with education demonstrates this power first hand.

Learn how you can help #LetGloriaLearn by visiting the Change.org petition to get her visa reconsidered.