Leveraging the Impact of Partnership to Promote Acts of Kindness on a Global Scale


Endurance International Group partners to focus on education and increase acts of kindness on a global scale.

At Endurance International Group, a global tech solutions company, we recently decided to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an organization. We realized that it’s important to leverage the spirit of giving across our enterprise of offices and brands to create a cohesive company-wide program that embraces our values and culture. Our CSR efforts are primarily dedicated to education, which is why we’ve strategically partnered with BUILD and DonorsChoose.org because we value the next generation of entrepreneurs and aim to inspire them by making a positive impact on their education.

That positivity is also reflected in our partnership with Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (R.A.K.E.), which was founded by writer, actor and activist Ricky Smith. Ricky’s mission with R.A.KE. is to enrich the lives of those he meets by promoting random acts of everyday kindness. He travels the country performing good deeds and Endurance has a strong sense of community in the locations where we work and live…so it was ideal to sponsor the R.A.K.E. Tour across the U.S. as a model for our colleagues and employees.

One of our values at Endurance is that we are better together because we accomplish more united. While cohesion can be a challenge when a company has offices all over the world, the R.A.K.E. partnership has helped our teams develop a stronger sense of unity as we make the world better, one kind act at a time. Our employees have participated in activities such as making and delivering sandwiches to the hungry, raising funds for other viable foundations (such as the FDNY Foundation), distributing essentials kits for the less fortunate and donating supplies to homeless shelters to name a few.

As the Chief Communications Officer, I truly believe any gesture of kindness communicates that we care to our colleagues, our customers and our communities while strengthening our corporate culture as we build a strong foundation for our CSR program. At Ricky’s last stop he visited our offices in Utah on International Women’s Day. He and several Endurance employees had the opportunity to engage with one another while collecting professional clothing and accessories which were being donated to Dress for Success, an organization that helps women achieve financial independence and security. Our Orem and Salt Lake City offices were left inspired and enlightened by the experience. 

The Endurance family of brands has been connected with our respective random acts through social media by including hashtags #RAKEmPowered, #emPoweredByEndurance and #RAKE. Though Ricky will not be traveling overseas, our international offices are also spreading kindness within their local communities. The Netherlands office will be distributing tulips to every passerby during their annual Tulip Festival. Our Bangalore and Mumbai offices in India are partnering with Teach for India, sharing the gift of knowledge with underprivileged children. Every good deed provides the team with increased motivation to come together as one, and serve a greater purpose.

Our business is to (em)Power small businesses with the tools they need to create and expand their online presence. We achieve this by way of open communication and the shared belief that the customer experience is of the utmost importance. The R.A.K.E. tour was organized and executed in a similar fashion – by putting the community first and making it better, together.