Rethinking Design for the Circular Economy

[Editor's Note:  IDEO will be speaking at our upcoming 2017 Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit: From Aspiration to Implementation. They will be leading an interactive pre-summit session called "Redesigning for Circularity," in which participants will explore the concept of value creation and long-term business health, and how to apply circular principles to their own challenges. Click here to learn more.]

What if we had a new way to design products, services, and businesses that were good for people, the planet, and business? That’s one of the questions we were seeking to answer when IDEO teamed up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to launch the Circular Design Guide.

Why a design thinking guide for the circular economy? Design thinking is a great innovation tool for tackling complex systemic challenges. It not only offers an approach that generates momentum through prototyping, but also strengthens insight around what works (and what doesn’t). This new guide is meant to help innovators create more elegant, effective, and creative solutions for the circular economy. Visit to learn more.

[Editor's Note: This article originally appeared here.]