Top Ten BCLC Moments

Here’s the first top-ten list in our multipart “ten” campaign – a celebration of our ten years in existence and a project to help educate the public on the history, milestones, and trends in CSR.

The list is titled BCLC Moments, and featured is ten of the greatest moments in BCLC’s ten-year history. The list was released last night at BCLC’s 10th anniversary celebration at the U.S. Chamber headquarters. 

10. Social Networking (2009)

Our dive into the world of social networking has allowed BCLC to engage stakeholders in dialogue and information sharing in an unprecedented way. We’re embracing new technologies all the time, including placing our annual Partnership Award selection process on a public online voting platform that resulted in more than 24,000 individual votes and 1,000 positive comments about business and nonprofit partnerships.

People are talking freely about the business sector online — whether our brands are participating in the discussion or not. It’s imperative for companies to have a presence in the online community, so know that you can depend on BCLC now and going forward to help you engage in this space in a strategic way.

9. Corporate Stewardship Awards Category (2003)

Then-Secretary of Commerce Don Evans and Harvard Business Professor Michael Porter (pictured) joined with BCLC to help launch the new award.

Judges for the award included:

  • Chairman and CEO of Smith Barney Sallie Krawcheck
  • Philosopher, journalist, novelist, and diplomat, Ambassador Michael Novak
  • Legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach
  • American banker and civil servant, John C. Whitehead

These leaders, and the highly-deserving winners that year – Foundation and Merck — helped catapult BCLC’s Corporate Citizenship Awards program to national attention.

8. Conference on Strengthening Organizational Values and Stakeholder Trust (2006)

This conference examined the state of institutional trust in America, and featured remarks from the former Chairman of Lockheed Martin Norm Augustine – who is widely respected for business ethics. The conference set in motion the “Values Matter” report and the establishment of BCLC’s Business & Society Relations Program, which now has 40 businesses engaged, including BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, and KPMG.

7. Siemens Sustainable Community Awards Program (2007)

We have been very pleased with this partnership between BCLC and Siemens to recognize U.S. communities for their public-private partnership initiatives and sustainability programs. The awards program is now in its third year and we’ll be announcing 2010 finalist communities on April 6th.

6. Together For Recovery (2009)

Last year (2009) began with our economy shedding nearly 600,000 jobs in just one month. While Americans were struggling, businesses were offering more than 300 free resources to help folks get back on their feet – from free prescription medicines to free job training and small business start-up assistance. The message of “get help, give help” at reached millions of people via Fox Business Network, Sky Radio, NPR, Small Business TV, Politico, the White House Bulletin… and through Comcast’s generous donation of a 30-second PSA that aired more than 300 times for an in-kind value of $1.8 million.

5. Speech by Kiva’s Jessica Flannery (2008)

A truly inspirational speech took place at BCLC’s 2008 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference at the U.S. Chamber headquarters. Kiva co-founder Jessica Flannery told the story of how a single idea grew into a global game-changing movement – and let me tell you, she rocked the house! The whole room erupted in a standing ovation after her remarks.


4. Report: “Partnering for Global Development: The Evolving Links Between Business and International Development Agencies” (2009)

This report is a first of its kind. It analyzes how 10 significant international aid agencies and the China development model relate to the private sector and affect market development around the world. As part of our Global Corporate Citizenship program, which is made up of leading companies such as Microsoft and Dow and Chevron, the release of this report further established BCLC as a leader for improving public-private partnerships.

3. Decade of Disaster Response and Recovery (2000-2010)

There have been many tremendous corporate responses to disasters over the last 10 years — 9/11, Gulf Coast Hurricanes, the tsunami, Chinese Earthquake, Haitian Earthquake, the San Diego Wildfires, Iowa floods …the list goes on.

BCLC and the business community have gotten better and faster at responding to disasters, and we have systemized the response process to now include the Office Depot Foundation-sponsored National Help Desk for Business, a Corporate Aid Tracker, an MOU with the U.S. Small Business Administration, and a rapid-response media desk.  We’ve had a seat in the FEMA Joint Field Office, activated mutual assistance networks for local chambers, and worked with IEDC to send business recovery experts into disaster areas to conduct initial impact assessments.

The business community has been hard at work this past decade to help out when people need it most.

2. Decade of Working  in DC for Business (2000-2010)

BCLC has submitted comments on a whole host of issues: recommendations to FEMA about the national recovery framework, advice to the White House about partnerships and to HUD about sustainability, testimony on the Hill about the private sector role in disaster resiliency and response … For ten years, BCLC has educated government officials on how business is part of the solution.

1. U.S. Chamber’s Conference on Corporate Responsibility and Globalization (1999)

This one goes back to when it all started …1999! This conference – with companies including General Motors, Lockheed Martin and State Farm – is when Ted Turner and Reverend Leon Sullivan, who is widely seen as the founder of CSR, gave riveting speeches that helped set in motion the creation of the Business Civic Leadership Center in 2000.

Our next list will be release in April and is dedicated to one of the things that entertain me most – movies! The movies on this list will either show business as a force for good or as destructive to society. Either way, they are momentous statements in the CSR field.