TPM Strategy #4 - Analyze Talent Flows

September 29, 2017

Talent Pipeline Management Strategy 4 - Analyze Talent Flows


One key part of Talent Pipeline Management is understanding where current employees received their training.

In Strategies 1, 2, and 3, you learned how employers form collaboratives and how they identify their quantitative and qualitative needs. The next step in Talent Pipeline Management is Talent Flow Analysis.

In Talent Flow Analysis, employers determine where their current skilled employees received the education or credential that made them qualified for the job. Once the collaborative identifies which education and training providers their workforce is from, they can understand if the partners have the capacity to meet the demands of the collaborative.

Another benefit of talent flow analysis is discovering unexpected education or training providers, such as those from outside the state or region and bringing them into the talent supply chain, expanding the pool of qualified workers.

By establishing the best providers for a region or industry, the collaborative has a better understanding of the landscape and can more quickly expand the pool of qualified workers to fill the needs of the business community.