2017 Best Corporate Steward -- Large Business Finalists

Royal DSM

Over the last century, DSM has evolved its acronym from “Dutch State Mines” to “Do Something Meaningful”—transforming itself into a global leader in health, nutrition, materials, and clean energy.

DSMʾs core value is sustainability—everything it does should contribute to a more sustainable world. The company has identified three key areas in which it can drive sustainable markets: Nutrition, Climate Change & Energy, and the Circular Economy. The company uses its expertise as a micronutrient provider to end hidden hunger, its innovations in renewable energy to fight climate change, and its innovative recyclable carpet, Niaga®, to drive a circular economy.

Bright Science. Brighter Living™. These four words are shorthand for DSM’s mission, beliefs and behaviors—a promise that the company makes to the world in which it operates.

Intel Corporation

Intel empowers people through technology to contribute to the well-being of others and the planet. It has long defined corporate citizenship as an integrated business approach that creates value for both society and the company. From its dedication to diversity and inclusion in its operations and work to address human rights in its supply chain—to its environmental programs aimed at conserving energy and aggressively decreasing greenhouse gas emissions—the company’s commitment to shared value drives all its efforts.

Intel’s social impact initiative, Intel Innovation Generation, enables youth around the world to harness the power of technology to address society’s most complex issues. By helping youth gain these essential technology skills, Intel helps ensure that the next generation of innovators is diverse, inclusive, and empowered.


PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world, with a history dating back 168 years. The company’s purpose—to build trust in society and solve important problems—is at the heart of its work.

PwC’s three strategic priorities are community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

The company’s $320 million Access Your Potential™ commitment focuses on providing tools, training, and mentoring to students, educators, and guidance counselors across the U.S. with the goal of closing the opportunity, education, and skills gaps. This more than doubles the firm’s previous $190 million Earn Your Future® investment, which reached more than 4.5 million students and educators. 

PwC helped launch the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™. It is the largest CEO-driven pledge to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with more than 175 signatories committed to working collaboratively on building a more inclusive business world.