Tips for Applying

2018 Corporate Citizenship Awards
  • Third parties may nominate a business, Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, or trade association but should notify the nominated party prior to submission.
  • The Citizen awards are not public relations awards; they are dedicated to corporate citizenship planning, execution, and results. The strongest nominations read more like corporate citizenship case studies rather than a PR summary.
  • Your nomination is judged solely on how you answer the questions on the nomination form. You are strongly urged to not stray from the question format presented, as it may result in an ineligible submission.
  • Avoid copying and pasting language from a previous award application. Other programs measure different criteria; each of our categories ask for specific criteria. The better each question is directly addressed, the stronger the application.
  • Prove impact: Show how the program affected the targeted people and/or communities. Show the impact through data – metrics and measurable results. Show how the program has benefitted the company and its employees.
  • Think strategically through the questions and collect the accompanying data ahead of time. Finalists’ descriptions will be posted publicly using information drawn from the application.
  • Remember, applications should reflect corporate citizenship planning and execution, not PR success.
  • Plan ahead! Late nominations cannot be accepted. The submission deadline is June 29, 2018.