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February 12, 2024


In 2009, Minky Couture emerged from my love as a mother and my desire to bring comfort to my daughter who was hospitalized. I embarked on a journey to create the first-ever adult-sized Minky Couture blanket, sparking a revolution in luxurious comfort. Now, with seven locations across Utah and a thriving online store, I have seen my vision grow as Minky Couture not only provides warmth but also strives to make a positive impact on individuals and communities in need.

The Heart of Minky

Minky Couture's commitment to giving back is deeply rooted in my personal experiences. Having spent time in a Level 4 NICU with my grandson, I realized the value of comfort for these fragile infants. The company now donates over 35,000 mini blankets annually to NICUs across the United States, aiming to provide solace to every NICU patient. Additionally, Minky Couture has donated $1 million to the state-of-the-art NICU at Primary Children’s Hospital, demonstrating our dedication to enhancing the well-being of children.

Spreading Hope through Donations

Minky Couture extends its philanthropic reach beyond healthcare, having donated over $1 million in products annually to various causes. From aiding victims of house fires and refugees to supporting communities affected by school shootings, Minky Couture strives to be a beacon of hope in times of tragedy. Our partnership with high school student Ella Paligo, who initiated a blanket donation after a school shooting, exemplifies how one person's idea can make a significant difference in healing a community.

Ella expressed, “I started thinking of what items to me provided the most warmth and the most comfort when I had experienced trials. And I immediately thought of blankets, specifically my Minky blanket.” Ella shared her idea with us at Minky Couture, and we generously agreed to donate a blanket for each student and faculty member at The Covenant School in Tennessee, providing a tangible hug to an entire community in need. You can learn more about this donation in our “Heart of Minky Story - Called to Help.” Learn more about Ella’s story below.  


Minky Couture has not only touched lives through philanthropy but has also created new economic opportunities for local seamstresses. By employing mothers to work from home, the company enables them to provide for their families while mastering professional skills. Seamstress Kim Taylor, who has been with Minky Couture for 14 years, emphasizes the blessing of working for a company that empowers women and families, especially during challenging times.

Kim shared her story in Minky Couture’s recent “Heart of Minky Story - Sewn with Love,” saying, “When I ran into Sandi that day, it was truly a godsend.” She continued to share the blessing of working for Minky, which came after the loss of her husband’s job. Now, they can work side by side to help provide for their family, thanks to our dedication to empowering women and families.

Our Vision and Minky Couture’s Commitment to Employees

As an entrepreneur and leader, I believe in in surrounding myself with loyal, honest, creative, and dedicated employees to achieve the mission of “Blanketing the World in Minky Couture” luxury. The success of Minky Couture is not just in providing quality products but also in the deep connection with the community. Employees like Kim Taylor, who found a supportive work environment after a challenging period, reflect our company's commitment to empowering women and families.

Minky Couture's journey from a personal quest for comfort to a philanthropic powerhouse is inspiring. I am so proud every day to live the vision of spreading warmth and luxury, touching countless lives, from NICU infants to communities facing tragedy. As Minky Couture continues to grow, its dedication to giving back and creating economic opportunities remains at the heart of its success. We are not just in the business of selling blankets; we are in the business of making a difference and spreading compassion, one blanket at a time. This, along with giving back to the community, is key to Minky’s success. We feel very blessed to have this opportunity to help others and know it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers and supporters.

I am thrilled to be joining voices making a change at the 14th Annual International Women’s Day Forum, where I will discuss my journey to the mainstage as a woman entrepreneur and leader and how, through Minky Couture, we are spreading warmth, luxury, kindness, and opportunity.

Join Me: 14th Annual International Women’s Day Forum

Learn more about how Minky Couture is creating opportunities for earning and wealth-building among women as an employer and for our customers at this year’s International Women’s Day Forum in Washington, D.C.

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Sandi Hendry

Sandi Hendry

Sandi Hendry is the owner and founder of Minky Couture, a luxury blanket company bringing comfort and compassion nationwide.

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