May 23, 2019


Strong communities not only provide a network of support for military families, they are essential in creating the environment for military spouses to succeed in their pursuit of the economic dream.

That’s why military communities will be the focus for this year’s Military Spouse Employment Summit.

“Extraordinary momentum is occurring across the landscape of military spouse employment. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed innovative solutions among community stakeholders to connect military spouses with meaningful career opportunities throughout the nation,” said Elizabeth O’Brien, Senior Director for the Military Spouse Program at Hiring Our Heroes. “This summit elevates those solutions on a national stage in our nation’s capital. “

The third annual Military Spouse Employment Summit will take place on June 20 in Washington, D.C. The half-day event will focus on the ever-changing nature of today’s military community and the importance of creating strong community bonds to help enrich and empower military spouses.

Through a series of presentations and panel discussions, national and local leaders will discuss how economic change is being impacted at the community level. The summit will also recognize military spouses demonstrating strength, leadership, and engagement in their communities.

“Hiring Our Heroes hosts this summit to convene the critical players in the space of military spouse employment who are committed to creating actionable and groundbreaking solutions,” O’Brien said.

Under a theme of “Strengthening Military Communities through Economic Opportunities,” panelists will discuss:

  • Economic realities surrounding military installations
  • Stereotypes and stigmas associated with military spouses
  • Gap between military spouse-ready employers and unemployed/underemployed military spouses
  • Challenges employers face in recruiting and retaining top talent

The summit’s purpose is to examine the patterns of military communities both inside and outside of the gates and how those connection points relate to military spouse employment.

While the summit focuses on military spouses, the innovative practices in recruiting and retaining these talented professionals applies to civilians too.

“Military spouses are a population that is 92% female. Although military spouses face similar career challenges as our civilian counterparts we have our own unique set of barriers. These barriers include accessible child care, licensing and credentialing, employment gaps, and career progression. This is why at Hiring Our Heroes we believe if we solve these issues for military spouses, we will create solutions for American women at large,” O’Brien said.

Along with the summit, Hiring Our Heroes is celebrating the accomplishments of businesses, community leaders, and military spouses as they create strong communities that support and provide economic opportunities for military spouses at the first annual Military Spouse Celebration Dinner and Impact Awards. The Impact Awards recognize individual and organizational efforts in volunteerism and advocacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership and honors an individual for lifetime achievement in military spouse employment.

Hiring Our Heroes is currently accepting nominations for the Military Spouse Volunteer Impact Award. The award recognizes a volunteer who has made great contributions to strengthen and empower his or her community and the military spouses in that community.

This volunteer doesn’t have to be a military spouse. It can be someone in the community who has worked to create employment opportunities for military spouses.

The nomination period for the 2019 Military Spouse Volunteer Award will remain open until 5 p.m. EST on May 31, 2019. Submit your nomination at here.