America Working Forward

Event Date: 
Monday, October 16, 2017
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on October 16 hosted America Working Forward, a premier national workforce conference to showcase employer-led solutions to closing the skills gap—solutions that are benefiting workers, companies, and the communities where they live and grow.
America Working Forward brought together employers, education and training providers, and policymakers from across the country to discuss innovative approaches to improve recruiting, training, and retaining workers and propel the economy. We heard from employers, state leaders, and real people impacted by the workforce challenges and opportunities that exist today and as we look towards the future.
The skills gap is not a single fault line cutting across the entire economy -- it is much more akin to a series of potholes, tripping up some industries and avoided by others. In our special edition report, released in hard copy at the America Working Forward event and now available for download, we discuss the complexity of this gap and those paving the way forward.