Salon Dinner: Creating a Business-led Culture of Health

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Chicago, IL
United States

The American Heart and Stroke Association, U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and Interactive Health are holding a salon dinner, bringing together diverse business leaders for an open dialogue around workplace wellness. The dinner will be used as a powerful tool to learn, catalyze change, and make new connections. Please contact Elyse Cohen if you are interested in attending.


A healthy workplace benefits employees, customers, communities and businesses. While many employers offer workplace health programs, few have the data they need to know what works best, and the know-how to implement best practices. The purpose of this dinner is to foster open discussion, new learning and transformative partnerships among a diverse group of business and thought-leaders on common challenges and successes in building a workplace culture of health.

This dinner is developed in collaboration with:

  • American Heart and Stroke Association of Metro-Chicago whom are on a mission to reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20% by 2020 through multiple health strategies, including implementing evidence-based best practices in workplace health.
  • The U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation, which provides businesses with the network, resources, and insights to be leaders in creating healthier and more competitive communities, consumers, and employees around the world.
  • Interactive Health who combines 25 years of data and expertise, along with proprietary processes, tools and technology, to serve as a catalyst for creating healthy companies by improving employee health.

Invited attendees include business and workplace health leaders that have been invited because of their thought-leadership and actions to drive healthier change in workplace wellness. They represent a diverse portfolio of business sectors, sizes and organizational roles.

Intended outcomes

  1.  Create new vibrant networks of interesting people with varying perspectives
  2.  Cultivate passionate partners to commit time, expertise and resources to the mission of improving health in the workplace
  3.  Catalyze change to improve health in the workplace by taking bold action in each guest’s organizations and extended networks
  4.  Establish a foundation of new long-term partnerships to successfully deliver results of the shared mission of improving health in the workplace