Best Practices
June 25, 2012

New Education Toolbox Unveiled

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has developed a new way to inform legislators and other education stakeholders on education policy. Building on their popular Policy Primer, the Partnership recently released an online version of The Education Policy Toolbox. First created as a hard copy in 2002 to complement efforts in the Partnership's election-year Education Policy Forums, the Primer has also been used as a teaching aid for candidates running for school boards, the general assembly, and other local and statewide elected offices. The popular reference document has been updated every two years since its initial release and now debuts an online version.

The Primer has long-been a staple in the Partnership’s resources of information and provides critical background information and current data that is nonpartisan, historical, and research-based. Advantages to the web-based toolbox include an expanded audience given that its previous outreach was limited to those who obtained the hard copy. Additionally, as a living document, the Primer will serve as an accessible resource with up-to-date information, including recent news and publications on relevant issues.  

Covering a wealth of topics, the Toolbox is a portal of information that can be used by all education stakeholders. Providing detailed information across a wide variety of relevant education topics, stakeholders can learn more about issues ranging from Accountability to Teacher and Leader Workforce Issues. Within each topic, the following elements can be found:

  • Quick Definition
  • Relevancy to Georgia
  • National Perspective
  • What Research Tells Us
  • Latest News

Founded in 1992 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education consists of business, education, community and government leaders who share a vision of improved education in the state of Georgia. 

For more information on the Partnership's new Toolbox and get ideas on how to create a similar resource for your state, visit their website.