New Upcoming Workforce Initiative: EPIC

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will be launching the Employer Provided Innovation Challenges (EPIC) initiative soon. EPIC aspires to significantly scale high-quality work-based learning experiences through a national network of accredited clearinghouses that provide authentic, employer-led problem-based learning experiences to learners (e.g., high school and postsecondary) and workers.

The EPIC initiative seeks to demonstrate that authentic problem-based learning:

  • Is a high-quality form of work-based learning that can better support career awareness, career exploration, and career advancement (i.e., reskilling and upskilling) for learners and workers;
  • Can be supported at scale through a nationally accredited network of employers and business associations functioning as challenge clearinghouses;
  • Can be credentialed in a trusted and high-quality way; and
  • Can be more equitably accessed by learners, workers, and those organizations that serve them.

More information about EPIC will be posted soon. In the meantime, to learn more please contact