Disaster Assistance & Recovery: Thinking About Earthquake Power Outage Challenges and Business Resumption

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 8:00am to 4:30pm

The Business Civic Leadership Center and the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services invite you to participate in an important forum for business, nonprofit organizations, and local government.

Reflecting the concern after the September 2011 power outage in Southern California and Arizona, as well as cascading effects and interdependencies uncovered during the 2011 National Level Exercise Recovery Seminar that focused on a New Madrid earthquake, the forum will delve into the challenges of a lengthy power outage caused by an earthquake.  The blackout last September has crystallized concern in the San Diego region. Such events can be greatly disruptive and costly.

At this one-day event, join representatives from the California utility industry, the petroleum industry, the insurance industry, the U.S. Department of Energy and Small Business Administration, and the San Diego region business community to:

  • Understand what happened in the September 2011 blackout
  • Become informed on energy restoration procedures, priorities, challenges, and impacts
  • Learn about lifelines emergency coordination plans for the San Diego region
  • Hear from risk management and continuity planning experts, including Ready San Diego Business Alliance members, what can benefit you
  • Know what steps you can take to help pay for losses from major prolonged power outages.

Get to know what to expect, how to prepare, and position yourself for restoration of operations.

Full event presentation now available. PLease click on file attachment below for pdf download