Executive Women in Government 10th Annual Summit

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 10:50am
Center for Women in Business

Join the Executive Women in Government for their annual summit featuring speakers and topics of benefit to senior level professionals in the Federal Government. Learn more and view the agenda >>


Executive Women in Government (EWG) works to:

  • Prepare, promote, support and mentor women for senior leadership positions in the Federal Government;
  • Build a powerful network to share experiences, to enhance professional relationships, and to increase understanding among women executives in the Federal Government; and
  • Motivate women leaders in the federal government to contribute to effective succession planning by creating a mentoring culture within their sphere of influence.

EWG Objectives are to:

  • Advocate the advancement of women in senior leadership positions in the Federal Government, including taking a public position on issues related to the purposes and goals of the organization;
  • Be mutually supportive of members' professional pursuits;
  • Provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with other professional women in an atmosphere conducive to the constructive exchange of professional ideas; and
  • Encourage by collective example and action, interest and participation in public service by other women.