About the Awards

2019 trophies

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Citizens Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful corporate citizenship programs from businesses, chambers, and associations of all sizes.

Awards are given in six categories that honor businesses for specific strategic initiatives. Additionally, two companies that exemplify the highest ideals of corporate citizenship through their overall social impact portfolio are granted the Best Corporate Steward awards. See the full list of categories here.

There is no fee to submit a nomination, and no limit for the number of nominations that a business can submit. Businesses of all sizes and chambers of commerce are eligible to apply. 

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An Overview of Citizens Awards

Established in 2000, the Citizens Awards document the living history of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility, serving as a repository of the private sector's ever-lasting impact on communities across the globe. 

The programs recognized through the Citizens Awards raise the bar on social responsibility and spearhead the transformation to a strong, healthy, and sustainable future. The Citizens Awards also serve as an inspiration for other companies to continue the momentum in creating a sustainable, prosperous, and more inclusive world.

20 Years Later: How Corporate Citizenship Has Changed

Over the last two decades, we have seen the boundaries between sectors converge; society’s demand for corporate purpose grow; and complex issues—from sustainability and economic empowerment, to diversity and inclusion—requiring shared approaches to create lasting social impact.

The Citizens Awards serve as a testament to this transformation and a powerful reminder that business continues to lead the charge in helping people build better lives through innovation, expertise, and collaboration.

The Role of Purpose-Driven Businesses  

Businesses have played a longstanding role in solving society’s greatest challenges and supporting the strength of their communities. The Citizens Awards shine a light on these efforts, with the finalists and winners reflecting the most accomplished social and community initiatives within the private sector. Over the years, special recognitions have been added to the program, such as the Revitalize America Honor and Corporate Citizenship Hall of Fame, to reflect the evolving role of business and its long-term commitment to society.