CEO Leadership Series featuring Bill McDermott, SAP

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 11:30am
“The forces of globalization, mobility, and the explosion of data are changing the world and how decisions are being made. They are also changing people’s expectations of how leading businesses and government entities should be run.” During an NCF CEO Leadership event, Bill McDermott, co-CEO of SAP, discussed how cutting-edge software and information technology (IT) provide increasingly powerful tools for the U.S. government and business to be more intelligent, efficient, and effective in meeting today's demands. McDermott said that the U.S. government is lagging behind business when it comes to IT, stressing that the technology gap is only getting wider and is something that needs to change. Highlighting that American citizens want government to eliminate wasteful spending, focus on results, and start working again, McDermott identified IT as the solution to these inefficiencies. “The root of the problem in modern government is the IT gap. And if we don’t solve it, we can’t change things in Washington, and we cannot make government work again.” McDermott outlined three of SAP’s measurable steps for creating a modern IT system:
  • Run on real time: The necessity to run on real time will empower people to make smarter, better, and faster decisions that will lead to cultural change and help business and government be more efficient.
  • Unwire ourselves: Business and government must make their applications available on mobile devices to attract the next generation of knowledge workers. Tomorrow’s workers expect companies to invest in mobile technologies tools, enabling them to make their tasks efficient.
  • Create a sustainable business moving forward: The private sector is ahead of government when it comes to sustainability. Total government revenue accounts for 40% of our economy, indicating the enormous need for government to take sustainability seriously.

Bill McDermott was appointed Co-CEO of SAP on February 7, 2010. In this capacity, and also as a member of the Executive Board of SAP, he oversees SAP's strategic business activities relative to all customer operations, sales, marketing, communications, field services (consulting), corporate development, and ecosystem activities. McDermott was first named to the SAP Executive Board in 2008 to manage global field operations, a responsibility he continues to maintain as co-CEO. During this time, McDermott has been instrumental in re-architecting the company's go-to-market strategy, closely aligning the field organizations and product development teams led by co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe. 
McDermott is an active community leader and advocate for corporate social responsibility. In 2008, he was named Idealist of the Year by City Year Greater Philadelphia for his civic leadership and "commitment to improving the community and the lives of those who live in Philadelphia." In 2006, McDermott received the Yitzhak Rabin Public Services Award in recognition of his contributions as a civic leader who has demonstrated a commitment to Israel as a source of technological innovation.