From Intention to Impact: Designing Workforce Development Programs of Value

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 11:00am to Friday, April 28, 2017 - 3:45pm
The Travelers Companies
485 Lexington Avenue Floor 8
New York, NY 10017
United States

This roundtable is open to companies only. Click here to register.

America’s businesses have a long history of investing in education, with these investments becoming increasingly important in the changing global economy. Likewise, corporate citizenship investments in education have evolved—with more and more companies using new and innovative approaches, technologies, and engagement strategies to ensure education and workforce investments deliver meaningful outcomes for the community and company.

Changes in recruitment and retention have challenged many companies to be a part of the solution to building a workforce ready to meet modern requirements. Whether it is developing 21st century skills, building stronger professional networks, or preparing students for college and/or career, thoughtful program design, implementation and evaluation strategies are crucial for companies to ensure the success and impact of these initiatives.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, in partnership with The Travelers Companies, is hosting a business-only roundtable to explore education and workforce development program design, implementation, and evaluation strategies more thoroughly. The roundtable will give companies the opportunity to share both their successes and challenges in a closed-door setting.

We invite you to join your corporate peers for the third in a series of business-only roundtables focused on education, workforce development, and career readiness.  At the roundtable, you will discuss how your company and partners can more effectively align the skills students are learning with your workforce development needs. We will also discuss the real challenges and opportunities businesses face when trying to balance philanthropic goals and business value, school systems’ requirements and resources, and the needs diverse student populations. Participants will share recommendations to drive more cross-sector and cross-departmental (HR, Marketing, Leadership, CSR, etc.) collaboration to deliver a pipeline for shared value.

Discussion will follow Chatham House Rule. Space is limited to create an intimate, lively, and results-driven discussion.

The conversation will be framed around three primary topics:

  1. What is the business community’s role in developing a skilled workforce and ensuring career readiness? How can businesses leverage their corporate social responsibility initiatives to better serve internal and external needs in education and workforce development?
  2. How can companies generate useful research findings to guide program development and implementation? How can companies prove the relevance of their work and the return on their investment to company leadership and shareholders?
  3. As employers, what skills are lacking from the pipeline? How can companies collaborate with academic institutions to align degree programs and coursework to prevent over and underemployment in the workforce?  

As an added bonus, join us on Friday, April 28 as we tour the IBM’s P-Tech campus in Norwalk, CT.  We will travel as a group to Norwalk to hear from teachers, students, administrators, and community leaders on the important role that P-Tech is playing in students’ lives and futures.

Click here to register. Contact Alexa Miller for more information.