Future Highway and Public Transportation Financing (Phase 2)

A new study by the National Chamber Foundation (NCF) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calculates the funding shortfall that immediately threatens national mobility and identifies and quantifies specific strategies to address this deficit. This study is the first to provide a detailed blueprint for policymakers containing long-, medium-, and short-term strategies for closing the funding gap and transitioning to a new financing mechanism. The implementation of these strategies will require policymakers at all levels of government to make difficult decisions, but their leadership and the successful implementation of these strategies will help fuel U.S. economic productivity and competitiveness. Specifically, the federal government should provide incentives for the states to employ new financing mechanisms that will help fully fund transportation.

This study is the second phase of a two-part study researched by Cambridge Systematics and sponsored by NCF. Phase I found that the federal funding share falls short of what is needed to maintain and improve our nation’s transportation infrastructure. Phase II lays out long-term options to fully fund our transportation system and quantifies specific strategies that can guide the transition to a new financing mechanism.