Best Practices
April 21, 2009

Aurora (CO) Chamber of Commerce Demonstrates Successful Workplace Practices that Improve Job Retention

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce has played no small role in building the prosperity of this growing Colorado town, now representing 12% of the metro Denver population. They have helped to bring in four national sporting tournaments that attract more than 14,000 annual visitors and generate at least $15 million. According to Chamber President Kevin Hougen, these results dont take place without some stress for the staff, and the Aurora Chamber countermands the tension by giving employees options for future time off to make up for overtime they log during busy periods with added vacation time at a later point.

"We have long-term employees in an industry known for high turnover," says Hougen, "and the average tenure for employees here is eight years."

How does the group achieve strong retention? The chamber responds as soon as they sense there might be a problem. When someone is thought to be unhappy, they take action quickly, meeting with the employee to understand the issue and taking steps to alleviate the problem. The Chamber has just moved into new quarters with state-of-the-art communication systems that allow employees to work from home or at offsight locations.