Best Practices
April 25, 2009

Custom Communications, Inc. Improves Retention, Reduces Stress in Workplace

This family-owned business began in a basement with a single employee -- the owner. Now, roughly 40 years later, Custom Communications, Inc. employs 74 people and says its practice of "treating everyone like family" has been a spur to growth. The average length of employment is more than nine years, with eight staff members celebrating anniversaries of 20 years or more.

"We allow flexible work schedules, either four ten-hour days, varying start/stop times or extended breaks during the day, so parents can participate in childrens functions," says owner and CEO Leigh J. Johnson. Staff members are also allowed to take breaks for a walk around the block.

The company has implemented several measures in response to today's economic challenges, including minimizing overtime, controlling expenses and cutting down on out-of-town trips, cross training employees so they can help out in other areas if their work is slow, and looking to develop new markets, products, and services. Johnson also believes in "giving back to the community in which we live and work,' providing dollar matches for employee giving and donating 5% of company profits to charity. Custom Communications, Inc. sponsors youth teams and encourages its people to get involved in sports as well, providing a financial contribution each year toward health club memberships or the purchase of exercise equipment.