Best Practices
February 6, 2008

Ford Expands Opportunities for Young People

Ford Motor Company Fund

The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) was launched in 2004 by the Ford Motor Company Fund in collaboration with Education Development Center, Inc. The program was developed as part of Ford Motor Company Fund's efforts to encourage high school students to pursue their education -- and consequently build successful careers in -- the areas of business, engineering, and technology.

Ford PAS is an academically rigorous program that links classroom learning with real-life-applicable challenges that students will face in postsecondary education and today's global workplace. Many of these partnerships are created with the goal of increasing the number of students pursuing math, science, engineering, and technology-related degrees in higher education. Because students work on real-world projects, they develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills, which are critcal for success in a global economy. Through Ford PAS, students learn their academics through the context of business and begin to see the value of learning math, science and English language arts. They develop their 21st century workplace skills and begin to explore career opportunities that are available to them in a global economy.

Ford PAS is currently used in 150 sites across 23 states and has reached more than 20,000 students since it was formed. To learn more about Ford PAS, visit their website at