Best Practices
January 2, 2009

Manchester Businesses Making a Pledge to Improve Student Achievement

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

As a response to a study that the Greater Manchester (NH) Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) conducted on the perception of the quality of local education, the GMCC created a Community and Business Pledge, which has the goal of assisting students to become "healthy, productive students, well-prepared for employment." This pledge, which GMCC asks businesses in the area to sign, aims to build a strong connection between the business community and its future employees.

To date, the pledge has been signed by more than 70 businesses in the Manchester area. The pledge asks businesses to choose one or more activities, laid out by the GMCC, which address the needs of local schools and their students. Each activity requires some investment, whether it is time or money being contributed. Businesses can choose how they would most effectively contribute in the area(s) of reading, personal financial literacy, career exposure, diversity outreach, principal for a day, business/education partnerships, or database expertise. The activities include allowing employees to volunteer their time, buying academic materials for schools, providing internships or class trips to businesses, and mentoring.

The Community and Business Pledge allows for large or small companies in any field to form a partnership with any school of their choice in the Manchester area, public or private, grades K-12, in a way that best suits them.

Learn more about the GMCC's Community and Business Pledge online.