Best Practices
March 24, 2010

New Mexico Business Leadership Network Providing Disability Resource for Employers

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New Mexico has recently stepped up its efforts to better align state economic development activities and the business community with its “to-work” efforts for individuals with disabilities. The New Mexico Business Leadership Network (NMBLN) is leading the charge in creating best practices in disability employment through a collaborative effort and a mutual understanding of needs, goals, and resources across public and private sectors.

Incorporated as an affiliate of the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) since 2002, the NMBLN is a statewide liaison organization that is comprised of New Mexico business leaders who collaborate with employers to promote and accomplish including people with disabilities in the workforce. This most recent initiative, launched in August of 2009, goes several steps further by pulling together all sectors within the state to rethink how service providers and employers interact with one another to maximize opportunities and resources. Ultimately, the NMBLN seeks to synchronize efforts and develop business practices with regards to disability employment.

A significant part of the NMBLN’s activities includes working closely with the federal government, a major employer in the state, to gain access to the system of federal hiring at locations such as Kirtland Air Force Base and the U.S. Forest Service. Additionally, the NMBLN has begun collaborative work with internationally-renowned disability workforce development research universities, Cornell and Rutgers, to deepen these collaborative efforts and to foster an environment of progressive, innovative initiatives in New Mexico as a model for replication in other states.

 “There is something wonderful happening here in New Mexico,” said John Kemp, executive director of the USBLN, “and the nation deserves to hear about it.”

For more information on the New Mexico Business Leadership Network, visit their Web site.