Best Practices
January 11, 2009

Scholastic and the National Urban League Partner to Improve Literacy Rates Among Minority Children

In keeping with its commitment to improving children’s literacy worldwide, Scholastic has partnered with the National Urban League (NUL) to launch the new Read and Rise initiative. This program is designed to address low literacy rates among children of all ages, with a specific focus on African American children. Scholastic and NUL have prepared an instructional handbook called Read and Rise: Preparing Our Children for a Lifetime of Success to help parents, teachers, and mentors cultivate strong reading skills in their children. Starting at birth and continuing through third grade, the handbook includes reading goals for children at each age and grade, as well as tips and ideas for fun reading activities that promote a lifelong love of words. The Urban League has distributed more than a million of these fun literacy guides through its many affiliate operations, nonprofit organizations, libraries, schools, and government agencies. Click here to download a free copy.

To continue a love for reading beyond the third grade, Scholastic and NUL have also joined forces to create a Read and Rise magazine, designed to engage parents and children in worthwhile reading experiences. In addition, Scholastic continues to offer the Read and Rise Parent Circles, a workshop series designed to teach parents how to improve their child’s literacy skills.

Scholastic and the National Urban League continue to work towards improving children’s literacy among African American children in urban areas. To learn more about Scholastic’s continual dedication to children’s literacy, visit