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March 18, 2010

Vermont Chamber of Commerce Offers Educational Webinar Series

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The Vermont Chamber of Commerce is offering a fantastic opportunity to educate their membership base to new professional development and training opportunities by hosting a webinar series on a variety of educational and workforce development topics. Offered weekly to their entire membership, the webinars cover topics such as workforce solutions for Vermont’s small businesses and how using online learning solutions can drive down costs for Vermont’s students, K-12 and higher education institutions, and businesses. Sessions last about 30 minutes each and are facilitated by local area member experts. They are the perfect opportunity for students and workforce development specialists to explore new options in an efficient, easy-to-understand format.
"Learn without leaving your desk!” says Chris Carrigan, vice president business development, Vermont Chamber of Commerce. “Take a break for 30 minutes and attend an educational Vermont Chamber of Commerce webinar. From succession planning to marketing eco-friendly practices and well beyond, our webinar series has saved members $30,000 this year."
To see a list of upcoming webinars, visit the Vermont Chamber of Commerce website.