Reduce the Risk of Burglary With These 12 Steps


Pro-active measures businesses can take to protect themselves against burglary.

You’ve worked hard to build a thriving business. Every day you encounter people and events that could threaten your success. Burglaries and robberies are frightening and put you and/or your employees at extreme risk. It’s estimated that every minute there are four burglaries in the U.S. Lessen your chances of being a victim by making your business a difficult target, sending robbers and burglars elsewhere for opportunities. Here are some pro-active measures you can take to help protect against burglary. 

  1. Keep entries and parking lots well-lit to be easily seen from the street.
  2. Cut back landscaping that blocks views or could serve as a hiding place.
  3. Use security cameras to view entries and post signs that clearly announce their presence.
  4. Cameras serve as a strong deterrent for many criminals.
  5. Install panic buttons that silently notify first responders.
  6. Have a monitored intrusion system installed and add signs making it clear you have an alarm system.
  7. Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and keep them locked when not in use.
  8. Add fencing to deter or slow a burglar’s efforts.
  9. Keep the building perimeter well lit.
  10. Place items of high value in a safe that’s attached to the structure.
  11. Copper theft is on the rise. Protect your rooftop, equipment, and electrical boxes with extra fencing and locks.
  12. Keep all doors and windows securely locked. Consider adding intrusion detection sensors on doors to exterior or valuable areas.

Prevention is key. Criminals are attracted to easy targets. Businesses who aren’t prepared, end up losing personally and financially. Keep your people and your assets safe by taking every possible measure to secure your operation.  For additional information or to download our complete safety and security checklist, visit our website here.