As a part of our Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow initiative, we produced a toolkit called Leading the Way: A Guide for Business Engagement in Early Education, which provides resources to enable the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable childcare to support employees, the broader community, and the country. This includes:

-- Key facts and an elevator speech on childcare

-- A tactical guide with tangible ways that the business community can make an impact-

-- Case studies that illustrate best practices and lessons learned for how to engage.

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Our report, "The Business Case for High-Quality Education," explores the under-recognized role of high-quality childcare in the education and workforce pipeline. This report, and the initiatives that have followed its release, stress the importance of high-quality education from an early age to support the development of the workforce of tomorrow, and the parents and guardians trying to provide that education while contributing to the workforce of today. Specifically, the report outlines 10 things that the business community can do to advance access to high-quality childcare.

Read Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation released this report at an event on June 21, 2017. The event included keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring leaders in the education, workforce, and child development space. Read more about the event.