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Path Forward Ask Me Anything: Public Health

Join Former CDC Director Tom Frieden for a live conversation on how effective COVID-19 vaccines are in mitigating the spread of the virus, how often Americans should be vaccinated, how the vaccines can be implemented equitability, and overcoming vaccine hesitency.

Path Forward Ask Me Anything: COVID-19 Testing

Join Arizona State University's Mara Aspinall for a live conversation on COVID-19 testing. We'll explore why testing is important and the benefits of testing, best practices for efficient testing, what messaging is effective for promoting and mandating testing, and how employers should prepare for routine testing in the workplace. 

Path Forward Ask Me Anything: Legal Questions

Join Seyfarth Shaw LLP's Chris DeMeo and Larry Lorber who discuss whether employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccinations and require proof of vaccination, as well as how employers should prepare to respond to employees' questions and concerns about vaccinations and much more.