Corporate Aid Tracker: COVID-19 Business in Action

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.  Pandemics know no borders.  As the number of infections grows daily, it has become clear that no community will be spared its effects.

The leadership of the business community has never been more important than in times of crisis.  American businesses have been at the forefront of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic – from manufacturing essential medical supplies to providing support for first responders and healthcare professionals. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has been tracking the contributions from businesses of all sizes and sectors that are helping combat the coronavirus. This tracker is updated daily, and we’d love to include your information.

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Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton announced a pandemic resilience program of more than $100 million to support its 27,000 employees and the communities where they live and work. The program includes major benefit program enhancements to support employees dealing with health, childcare, and COVID-related issues; a pledge of job security at least through July 1; and a commitment to provide funding, assistance, and technology expertise to aid vulnerable populations, military families, veterans and frontline healthcare workers...

Boston Scientific

Thousands of safety supply items have been sent to Boston Scientific employees and the company is working to secure and deliver more. In close collaboration with local hospitals, Boston Scientific is donating more than $800K in essential supplies including face masks, goggles and protective suits. Boston Scientific is continuously monitoring to understand evolving needs, and will work with our global network to provide additional support. In addition, Boston Scientific has initiated a matching relief program supporting donations to Project HOPE...

Box Inc.

Box Inc. is offering existing clients in need of more Box licenses for new remote workers at no additional cost. The company is also offering organizations working to fight COVID-19 or any eligible nonprofit Box access for free. See the Box Blog and for details. $125K in donations are planned for San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit agencies.


BoxOfDocs is offering free knowledge sharing resources and templates (ordinances, bylaws, templates, etc.) for local government employees.


All of us are impacted by the global spread of COVID-19 in some way, and BP is helping the communities where its people live and its businesses operate. From donations of personal protective equipment, to discounted fuel for first responders, to food for those in need, BP is offering support to governments and partners to see where it can do more. Find out more at


Independent brewer BrewDog has begun making hand sanitizer at its distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland amid shortages driven by coronavirus fears. The firm said it would be giving away the “punk sanitizer” for free to those that need it.


BrightHive assembled the COVID-19 Data Response Team to provide pro bono services for responsible data sharing and essential help to fill gaps in critical digital infrastructure. The Data Response Team is helping cities and states across the country publish real-time updates on thousands of open child care centers for critical care providers. The company is helping states provide real-time information on which industries and occupations are hit the hardest by layoffs and where the out of work can find new work now...

Brooklyn Bedding

Phoenix-based Brooklyn Bedding is repurposing a specific mattress-producing technology to manufacture hospital beds in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brooklyn Bedding will use the same technology it developed for the trucking industry in the early 2000s.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is using its facilities to produce 150,000 masks per day.


Bulgari pledges a donation to Rome’s Spallanzani Hospital to fight Coronavirus. The donation will allow the research department of Spallanzani to purchase a microscopic image acquisition system.


Burberry is using its Yorkshire factories to produce hospital gowns and masks. It has pledged to provide 100,000 masks for the doctors and nurses of UK's National Health Service and is using its resources to make nonsurgical masks and gowns for patients as well. Burberry is also funding coronavirus vaccine research at Oxford University and donating to food charities such as FareShare and The Felix Project.

Burger King

Through the Chinese food delivery service, Burger King is delivering food to the staff at more than ten hospitals in Wuhan.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment has supplied more than 250,000 pounds of food, which is equivalent to approximately 208,000 meals to numerous food banks and charities. Additionally, Caesars Entertainment has provided thousands of items including gloves, masks and hand sanitizer to local hospitals, first responders and local charities.


Camino is offering a full suite of technology at no cost to all public agencies impacted by COVID-19.

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company has contributed over $4.8 million in food donations and financial support to its local communities affected by COVID-19. Product donations were directed at Feeding America food banks in addition to local pantries and community organizations. Emergency assistance grants were provided to local non-profits in its 33 Campbell communities as soon as the pandemic hit. In addition, Campbell is providing flexibility in using $620,000 in recently awarded Campbell Soup Foundation Community Impact grants to meet COVID-19 response needs.

Capital One

Capital One encourages customers who may be impacted or need assistance to reach out so that the bank can help find a solution. Capital One says that all customers will be eligible for assistance, which will vary on the type of product they have and their individual needs. Examples of assistance include minimum payment assistance, deferred loan assistance, and fee suppression. Capital One added resources to its website that address individual customer assistance, fraud prevention, and travel cancellations.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is collaborating with FEMA as part of “Project Airbridge” to airlift critical medical supplies. The project includes multiple healthcare distributors and supply chain companies.


Cargill will donate Rmb2m ($288,321) to the Chinese Red Cross. The company will also supply several hundred thousand face masks.


Caribu is bringing families together with virtual playdates by providing free and unlimited access to its app for kids to read and draw via video-calls with family and friends.

Carnival Corporation

Carnival has offered its ships as temporary floating hospitals to authorities around the world who are struggling to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Carnival has offered its ships as temporary floating hospitals to authorities around the world who are struggling to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Carnival noted that interested parties will be asked to cover only the essential costs of the ship's operations while in port.