FedEx, Memphis Orgs Enable Pediatric Care in Haiti

As relief and recovery work continue in Haiti – perhaps made even more trying as organizations stretch their resources to respond to the Chilean earthquake, as well – reading personal accounts from on-the-ground aid workers is uplifting.

Is this post, Amanda Mauck from Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center in Memphis, TN, offers insight about a recent pediatric medical mission to Haiti. The mission trip was made possible by Memphis organizations including FedEx, St. Jude, ExtraOrtho, Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Rotary, and Panera Bread.

Highlights from the post:

Almost a month ago, I boarded a FedEx Corporate Jet to the devastated country of Haiti with a cautious optimism that I would be part of something special.  Somehow, special doesn’t even begin to sum up our trip. … The objective of our team was to provide critical pediatric orthopedic and general surgery support.

Initially we started working at the Haiti Medical Mission of Memphis in Croix des Bouquettes. Quickly, we learned that despite our expert care, the country’s lack of infrastructure for transportation made it impossible for patients to travel to us, and we needed to go to them.

Continuing with her first-hand account:

I’ll never forget that it will take not months, but years for Haiti emerge from this earthquake.  But I believe with my whole heart that they will emerge better and stronger.

Mauck’s full blog post is here (definitely worth a read), and an archive of her regular updates and photos from the mission trip is on Le Bonheur’s website.