Small Business Flood Recovery in Louisiana

The flood that affected Louisiana last month was historic in many ways.  An estimated 4 trillion gallons of rain fell over a four day period flooding anywhere from 60,000 to 188,000 homes (depending on your source).  FEMA has said that over 100,000 people or households have applied for help and 25,000 flood insurance claims have been filed.  Initial damage estimates are in the billions of dollars. 

This is a massive event that has severely impacted people’s lives and livelihoods in the capital region of Louisiana.  Businesses around the country have already stepped up to help, and we are tracking corporate donations to this disaster here

For those still looking to help with the recovery, The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry has created a Small Business Rebirth Fund to provide help to small businesses trying to reopen after the flood.  This is a great place to donate if you want to help impacted small businesses recover.

Additionally, FEMA has established recovery centers for homeowners, renters, and businesses.  To find the closest disaster recovery center, you can use this locator.  To register with FEMA, you can go here.

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, we are also providing resources to small businesses that have been affected by this tragedy.  Businesses and local chambers can call our Disaster Help Desk (1-888-MY-BIZ-HELP) for help navigating the recovery process.  This service is made possible by the Office Depot Foundation.

Additionally, small businesses and chambers that want a step-by-step guide for what to do after disasters can download our Quick Guides.  These guides, made possible by Shell, provide practical tools and resources for both preparedness and recovery.

As with all disasters, the road to recovery will be long in Louisiana, and needs will continue to arise long after the news cameras go away.  If your company is interested in getting involved in the long-term recovery in the impacted parishes, please let me know.