Disaster Corporate Aid Trackers

When disasters strike, businesses mobilize their expertise, capabilities, and community resources to assist with the relief and recovery efforts. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center runs the Disaster Corporate Aid Trackers as part of our Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Issue Network. We serve as the keeper of the records for business' response to disasters and detail how companies are responding.

Use the link below to access the form and submit your information to a Corporate Aid Tracker.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hurricane Dorian


2018 California Wildfires

Hurricane Michael

2018 Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

Hurricane Florence


North Bay Wildfires

Las Vegas Shooting Response

Hurricane Maria

Mexico City Earthquake

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Matthew

Louisiana Flooding

West Virginia Flooding

Orlando Nightclub Response

Zika Virus

Ecuador Earthquake

Southern Japan Earthquake

European Refugee Crisis

Flint, Michigan Water Contamination Crisis


South Carolina Flooding

Texas Flooding

Nepal Earthquake


Ebola Outbreak


Typhoon Haiyan

Colorado Flooding

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Arizona Wildfire

Indian Flooding

Canadian Flooding

Oklahoma tornadoes

Chinese Earthquake

Boston Marathon Response


Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Isaac

Flooding in Philippines

Wildfires in Western United States


Flooding in Thailand

Hurricane Irene, U.S.

Horn of Africa Famine 

Spring Tornadoes, Storms & Flooding, U.S.  

Japan Tsunami & Earthquake


Pakistan Floods

Haiti Earthquake

If you need disaster information from 2010 or prior, please contact ccc@uschamber.com