Reading List: Big Data and Industry Applications

August 4, 2014

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has compiled a reading list for those interested in topics related to Big Data and data-driven innovation. This list includes articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and academic journals. Many of the more notable articles are annotated.

The reading list is divided into 13 sections. (Read the full list here.)


The section below includes items offering an overview of Big Data and its applications to various industries. To add to the list, email


Data and Industry Applications

Borovick, L. and Villars, R. L. (2012) “The Critical Role of the Network in Big Data Applications,” IDC sponsored by Cisco Systems, February.

Cisco (2012) “Cisco, Fusion-io, and Oracle Deliver Extreme Performance to Oracle NoSOL Database Big Data Applications. Solution Brief,” Data Center and Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), September.

Goodwin, B. (2013) “Tesco Uses Big Data to Cut Cooling Costs by up to €20M ,” Computer Weekly, May.

Guyon, I. et al. (2012) “ChaLearn Gesture Challenge: Design and First Results,” Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), IEEE Computer Society Conference.

Kasprowski, P., Komogortsev, O. V. Karpov, A. (2012) “First Eye Movement Verification  and Identification Competition,”  Proceeds of the IEEE Fifth International Conference on Biometrics.

Khaleghi, B. et al. (2013)“Multisensor data fusion: A review of the state‐of‐the‐art,” Information Fusion, 14:1, pp. 28‐44.

This paper offers a review of the data fusion state-of-the-art, focusing on its benefits and challenges. Moreover, possible directions for future research in the data fusion community are sketched.

Levy, S. (2013) "Nest Gives the Lowly Smoke Detector a Brain," Wired, October.

McKinsey & Company (2011) “Inside P&G’s Digital Revolution,” McKinsey Quarterly.

Michel, J-B. et al. (2010). “Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books,” Science, December.

Software Information and Industry Association (2013) “Data-Driven Innovation: Understandingand Enabling the Economic and Social Value of Data.”

This report offers case studies on data-driven innovation from a wide range of industries. Policy recommendations are suggested for privacy, open data, neutrality, and public-private partnerships and a call is made to avoid “curbing” data collection and analysis as policymakers seek new regulations.



Mills, M. P. (2013) “The Cloud Begins with Coal: Big Data, Big Networks, Big Infrastructure, and Big Power,” National Mining Association & American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, April

---- (2013) “Big Data and Microseismic Imaging Will Accelerate the Smart Drilling Oil & Gas Revolution,” Forbes, Mary.

---- (2012) “Big Data Unleashes the Electric Equivalent of a Free Keystone Pipeline,” Forbes, March.

Oracle (2012) Big Data, Bigger Opportunities: Plans and Preparedness for the Data Deluge.

The report measures utilities companies’ preparedness for the advent of big data and smart grids. The authors promote using meter data management systems in order to better prepare as well as other recommendations for implementing analytics for use on smart grid data and decision-making.

---- (2013) “Utilities and Big Data: Accelerating the Drive to Value.”

Waltz, D. and King, J. (2009) Information technology and America’s Energy Future, Computing Research Associate White Paper, Washington D.C.



Bankingtech (2012) “Thinking Outside the Bank: When can banks learn from other industries about how to create a culture of innovation in technology and services?”, Banking Technology, February.

Groenfeldt, T. (2012) “Data Daze (the phenomenon of ‘big data’ in financial institutions)”,  Banking Technology, February.



Brust, A. (2012) “Industrial Big Data,” Big on Data (ZDnet) April.

Desai, P. (2013) “Big Data and Analytics at Work,” GE Global Research, November.

GE (2012) “The Rise of Industrial Big Data,” White Paper.

---- (2013) “Big Data Meets 3-D Printing: Big Data to Monitor Laser-Printed Jet Engine Parts,” GE Reports, June 4.

---- (2012) “GE Solves Industrial Big Data Problems with Tools of Today,” GE Intelligent Platforms, October.

---- (2012) “GE Takes on Industrial Big Data Challenges,” GE Intelligent Platforms, August.        

Olavsrud, T. (2013) “Big Data Will Drive the Industrial Internet,” CIO June.



Brat, E. et al. (2013) “Big Data: The Next Big Thing for Insurers?,” Boston Consulting Group, March.

Scism, L. and Maremont, M. (2010) “Inside Deloitte’s Life-Insurance Assessment Technology.” Wall Street Journal, November.

---- (2010) “Insurers Test Data Profiles to Identify Risky Clients,” Wall Street Journal, Nov.


Public Sector

Ferranti, D.M.D. (2009) How to improve governance: a new framework for analysis and  action. Brookings Institution Press.

Goldstein, B. and Dyson, L. (2013) Beyond Transparency: Open data and the future of civic innovation. Code for American Press.

Harrison, T. et al. (2011) Open Government and E-Government: Democratic Challenges from a Public Value Perspective.

Kim, G.-H. et al. (2014) “Big-Data Applications in the Government Sector,” Communications of the ACM Vol. 57 No. 3, March.

Kum, H.-C., Ahalt, S. Carsey, T. M. (2011). “Dealing with Data: Governments Records,” Science.

National Association of State CIOs (2012) “Is Big Data a Big Deal for State Governments?”

This report offers an overview of big data with a view to its relevance for state government actors. Recommendations are given for how to govern and monitor big data initiatives as well as how to tackle public-private partnerships that take advantage of data techniques.

Open Government Partnership (2011) Open Government Declaration, September.

Partnership for Public Service and IBM (2013) From Data to Decisions III: Lessons from Early Analytics Programs, November.

This report outlines the growth of government analytics programs and offers recommendations for future development in the areas of inter-agency relations, cost savings, communication, and skills training.

Tech America Foundation (2012) Demystifying Big Data: A practical guide to transforming the business of government, prepared for Federal Big Data Commission.

This report overs an overview and definition of big data, with numerous case studies, focusing on the benefits and challenges governments will face as they embrace these new technologies. Specific recommendations are given for how to implement big data strategies.

The White House (2012) Digital Government: building a 21st century platform to better serve the American people.

---- (2009) Transparency and Open Government:  Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.

Yiu, C. (2012) The Big Data Opportunity: Making governments faster, smarter and more personal, Policy Exchange.



The Economist (2012) “Watching Your Driving.”

Davenport, T. H. (2013) “At the Big Data Crossroads: turning towards a smarter travel  experience,” Amadeus IT Group.

This report provides an overview of the benefits big data stands to bring to the travel industry. Seven case studies are considered, which underline the potential benefits in profits, customer relations, management, etc.

Fried, Ina. “Volkswagen: Big Data Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Brother,” Recode, Mach 2014.